Southampton Coach Hire


Our Southampton Coach Hire facility is a special service for medium to large groups within the region of 16+ who require transportation for events and special events. This is in the form of mini coaches, midi coaches and larger buses. Due to the very nature of such services such bookings normally attract big corporations and also government organisations, whether small or big and some businesses also have permanent contracts with us. However no matter how big or small if you feel this service is suited to you and even if you want information on service contracts; we can offer a step by guide for bookings. Please note that during Christmas and the summer holidays we experience a very high number of calls and we always ask customers to book in advance to avoid any disappointment. We will still exhaust our services and extra staff will be appointed to help you during busy times. We often work with independent providers of vehicles and commercial transport who make provide their services when needed. They will act as a third party as we feel this is important due to the need for flexibility and also to meet specific needs. We will appoint an internal manager who will organise the whole process